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Play4JA is an opportunity for your company, family and friends to raise funds to support local Junior Achievement students, while encouraging team excitement, engagement and participation for the benefit of JA kids. Play4JA activities include:  Bowling, Wii Bowling, Golf, Jeans Days (Jeans 4 JA) -- and "Design Your Own!" (walkathons, bake sales, etc.). The possibilities are endless!

To participate in an existing Play4JA event, choose from the following:

JA Bowling Classic
JA Golf Classic

To participate in Wii Bowling, Jeans4JA, or "Design Your Own" (walkathon, etc.) - and begin building your personalized event fund-raising page, contact: Marji Fausko, marjif@jawashington.org.

Thank you for your support and HAVE FUN!