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Option 1: A traditional, teacher-taught, in-class lesson format encompassing financial planning and career exploration with accompanying PowerPoint slides. Student workbook is required for this option. This option is geared towards 7th & 8th grades; however is available for high school students as well.

Option 2: A Project-Based Learning (PBL) format that encompasses the financial planning and career exploration topics but in a nontraditional approach. This implementation option was designed specifically for high school students; however it can be adapted for middle school students. PowerPoint slides are used in the PBL Income section only.

Not sure which option is best for your school, or want more information? For Auburn JA Finance Park, contact Dawn Parsons at For Yakima JA Finance Park, contact Cynthia Gartrell,

Curriculum Pick Up Date

Curriculum pick up location is at your JA Finance Park facility:
JA World, 1610 Perimeter Road SW, Auburn, WA, 98001; (206) 808-5861 or
JA World, 650 University Pkwy, Yakima, WA 98901; (509) 853-1006