Middle School Programs

Middle school is a critical time for every student. As children become adolescents, they are faced with unfamiliar insecurities and the choices that come with increased independence. This time is a crucial period to develop wise decision-making habits to begin navigating life toward adulthood.

JA’s middle school programs features a Common Core-aligned curriculum that provides a continuum of learning on college readiness, financial decision-making, and career preparation. Each course incorporates the practice of 21st century skills that foster student success. Optional pre- and post-tests are available to track student learning and attitudes.

The variety of our offerings allows educators to select the content that best supports their student learning objectives. Each program enables educators and community volunteers to bring the JA curriculum to a single class over the course of five to eight weeks.

JA Middle School Curriculum

JA’s middle school programs help students prepare for their educational and professional future. There are four offerings that can be provided in school or after school.

  • JA It’s My Future - Explore potential careers and discover ways to plan for and keep a job
  • JA Global Marketplace - Understand how goods flow in the World’s economy and effect globalization has on their lives
  • JA Economics for Success - Learn how to earn money and spend wisely within a budget

JA Middle School Volunteer Experience

JA middle grades programs are a wonderful way to foster a mentoring relationship with students over the course of several weeks. Course materials and lessons are provided in a pre-packaged kit that contains all the information and resources a volunteer needs to teach a series of 45-minute lessons.

JA staff will coordinate with the classroom teacher to schedule your visits based on your availability. In-person training is provided prior to the start of the course. While you have autonomy to lead the JA lessons in the classroom, the teacher is always present to assist.

What to Expect

  • In middle school, kids start to become more independent and use reason to a higher degree. Expect to engage the students in discussion and be open to questions.
  • JA curriculum is “plug and play.” Simply show up, open the kit, follow the prompts, and inject your own personality and experience.

Sample Schedule

Volunteers typically report to the school once a week for five to eight weeks and lead one 45-minute lesson per visit.

Sponsor a JA Middle School Program

Your company can bring the JA middle school curriculum to a school in your community. To sponsor a class, a grade level, or an entire school, contact Tamra Meyer, Statewide Program Director, at 509-783-7222 or tamram@jawashington.org.