Partnership Opportunities

Diamond Club Partnership

The Diamond Club is an exclusive group of 48 partners who have chosen to make a serious investment in Washington youth by sponsoring 600 students to attend JA World. Members will be honored at the JA World facility in Auburn, where a pane of glass featuring your name or company logo will be prominently displayed for 10 years, as well as on the JA of Washington website.

Each Diamond Club partnership is $10,000 and if desired may be paid over four years.

Diamond Club Partners

For more information on Diamond Club partnerships, contact Sue Elkin at (206) 808-5870 or by email.

Enterprise Partnerships

Through our signature Capstone programs, JA BizTown and JA Finance Park, Junior Achievement of Washington offers organizations unique branding opportunities for physical storefronts at our JA World facilities. Your JA World storefront will be visited and by thousands of students, parents and volunteers each year, and is the key feature of JA World educational experiences. For more information about JA World, our Capstone programs, and becoming an Enterprise Partner, you can visit our JA World page or contact Joanne Kahl at (206) 296-2614 or by email.