Unpaid Internships

The duration of the internship is 10 weeks minimum, and the timing and hours can be tailored to the intern’s needs. If interested, please email us a cover letter and resume with the subject line “JA Internship Application.”

What you will gain from a JA internship opportunity:

What you will gain from a JA internship opportunity:

As an intern, you will have the unique opportunity to learn how a nonprofit organization functions, work closely with JA Directors and Program Managers, enhance leadership skills, strengthen public speaking skills, develop networking opportunities, and so much more. You will make contacts and expand your professional network to include other community organizations working with JA. This position is a great resume builder, and by project’s end, you will have made a significant impact on the success and advancement of JA’s mission. Letter of recommendation will be provided upon successful completion of internship.

To apply for a job at JAWA, please send a cover letter and resume to hiring@jawashington.org.

For questions regarding employment, reach out to the VP of Finance and HR Tammy Neese.