JA partners with organizations for a number of inspiring and fun opportunities. Your staff can volunteer virtually or in-classroom to deliver JA programs; your company could sponsor a storefront in our simulated towns; participate in our exciting events; and so much more!

Sponsor a Storefront

Our JA Education Centers are simulated towns where students get to experience life as an “adult” for a day! The towns include actual storefronts that mirror your place of business and feature your corporation’s logo and branding.

Join JA Events

JA events have a positive impact on both adults and youth in our community! Your donation and/or attendance will help us continue to provide these inspiring events as well as support our programs.

Be a JA Career Speaker

Learning about different career paths and fields of work is an important part of forging a student’s future. Career Speakers are volunteers who come from all walks of career life. These live classroom visits and/or videos help students think about the work they might like to do in the future and what steps they can take now in school to achieve their career goals. 

Host a JA Job Shadow

JA Job Shadow prepares high school students to be entrepreneurial thinkers. Students will get to tour a company either virtually or in-person and learn all about the skills needed in demanding and ever-changing workplaces.

Teach JA Programs

JA’s virtual and in-classroom programs bring volunteers into the classroom to teach K-12 students about entrepreneurship, personal financial literacy, and workforce readiness.

Host Virtual Workshops

Volunteers from corporations will deliver two lessons to students in a distance learning format. This opportunity will allow students to engage with professionals and learn more about finance and economics!

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