JA Finance Park helps high school students build a foundation of personal finance skills through an experiential, real-life simulation. Sign up today with your Regional Transition Consultant!

July Camp
Online Workshops: July 12-6 & 19-23 (10am-12pm)
Simulation: Juy 28 (9am-2pm)

August Camp
Online Workshops: Aug 9-13 & 16-20 (1-3pm)
Simulation: Aug 24 (9am-2pm)

JA Finance Park In-Depth: Classroom Learning

Income: Students learn that their decisions about ¨ education and careers have an impact on their potential income and quality of life. They discuss factors that affect income and take-home pay.

Saving, Investing, & Risk Management: ¨ Students explore saving and compare investment options. They examine risk and how insurance helps protect savings.

Debit & Credit: Students explore services offered by financial institutions, weigh the advantages and
disadvantages of credit and debit, and examine the role of credit scores and credit reporting on personal finances.

Budget: Students create personal budgets and discover the importance of spending money wisely.

The Simulation: Virtual or In-Person

The classroom experience will culminate in an exciting in-person or online visit to JA Finance Park, a simulated town with actual business storefronts. Students will have the option to join an in-person simulation in Auburn, an in-person simulation in Yakima, or an online virtual simulation. (The in-person simulation has limited availability.) This reality-based simulation gives students the opportunity to apply classroom learning by creating a family budget based on hypothetical life situations. Assuming “real-life” personas, students develop a personal budget that includes expenditures for housing and food, savings, transportation, entertainment, health care, utilities, clothing, and education. They learn the impact of credit history on budget planning and purchasing options.

JA of Washington is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of those that utilize JA Education Center facilities. We commit to following guidelines from the CDC to provide necessary sanitation and social distancing protocols for students, staff, and volunteers while at JA Finance Park.


This program is available at no cost to students who are eligible to receive DVR pre-employment transition services. Students must be:
1. Between 14-21 years of age
2. Attending a secondary/high alternative, GED prep, post-secondary or vocational education program
3. Receiving special education services, or is an individual with a disability for purposes of 504 eligibility

For more info, please contact Tammie Doyle — DSHS DVR Transition Manager at 508.368.1005 or tammie.doyle@dshs.wa.gov