A simulated “city” experience for grades 4-6

The fee-based JA BizTown® simulation can be experienced onsite at our JA Education Centers. JA BizTown Adventures offers an online version of this simulation experience.

JA BizTown Adventures (Online)

JA BizTown Adventures is an alternative simulation experience for students that follows the JA BizTown curriculum. It’s a fully online, self-guided learning experience following the completion of the JA BizTown Curriculum.

Using a branching, story-driven treatment, each adventure provides students an opportunity to practice problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, and analytical thinking, as well as weigh saving and spending choices, consider risk management and insurance strategies, and make personal and business-related financial decisions.

To learn more, read through our flyer and sign up your class for JA BizTown Adventures below.

JA BizTown (On-Site Simulation)

JA BizTown is a miniaturized city located in Auburn and Yakima with up to 21 public and private businesses sponsored by real local companies. Stores are life-sized and represent the actual marketplace appearance of the sponsoring company, bringing the town to life for the students. 

Before visiting JA BizTown or in-person, 4th to 6th grade students complete classroom training where they learn basic economic principles such as free enterprise and business, how to make choices as a consumer, and how to manage their personal bank account. They also participate in job interviews and learn about their new workplace and the job they will perform. Jobs range from retail sales professionals, accountants, business managers, medical professionals, to TV and newspaper reporters. There is even a Mayor in City Hall! 


  • Complete 12 core lessons or 10-12 hours of in-class training in preparation for the day at JA BizTown. If classrooms are unable to visit our on-site facility, see below for info on JA BizTown Adventures, an online, interactive option.
  • Enter a mini-city, supported by trained volunteers, where they take on “jobs” as business proprietors, civic leaders, and consumers.
  • Operate and patronize businesses such as retail stores, TV station, bank, electric company, restaurant, real estate firm, professional offices, governmental offices, and more.
  • Fulfill the goal of satisfying their customers, paying off their business loans, AND realizing a profit at the conclusion of the business day!
  • Learn concepts of teamwork, leadership, punctuality, customer service, and many other skills vital to success in life and the workplace.

JA BizTown Locations

Volunteering at JA BizTown

Join Junior Achievement’s national network of more than 247,340 classroom volunteers who help students in their communities connect the dots between what they learn in school and the “business of life” — work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Before you volunteer/teach at JA BizTown, JA staff will provide comprehensive training and share the goals of the onsite experience. You will become familiar with the daily schedule, the work expected of the students, and your role and responsibilities as a volunteer.

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