What This Program Teaches:

Financial Literacy (50%)

Entrepreneurship (100%)

Work-Readiness (100%)

The JA Company Program Blended Model unlocks the innate ability in students to solve a problem or fill a need in their community through an entrepreneurial spirit.

The program is available for both in-school or after-school implementation, and may be completed during one-semester or throughout an entire school year. Two implementation options are available: 13 two-hour meetings or 26 one-hour meetings focused on the Company Ops. 
– Company Ops is that portion of the meeting during which students build and manage their business. This usually will take the majority of the meeting time.
– Deeper Dives are optional activities or suggestions on how to extend the meeting topic. Students work individually or in groups.

Program Basics:
– Includes a series of 13 two-hour meetings or 26 one-hour meetings recommended for high school students.
– Program delivered online to students through the JA Learning Platform.
– Introduces students to the key elements involved in organizing and operating a business, while empowering them to solve problems and address local needs through the entrepreneurial spirit.
– Meeting-specific, student-friendly materials and resources are presented to increase student interaction and emphasize JA’s experiential approach to learning.  
– Correlates well to state social studies, English, and math standards, as well as the Common Core State Standards in English/language arts and mathematics.

Program Concepts: ℹ️ Program Skills: ℹ️

Program Sessions

Meeting One: Start a Business
Students examine their own entrepreneurial traits, how those traits fit within the Company structure, and explore potential ways to fund their venture.

Meeting Two: Fill a Need
Students brainstorm potential products and services that could fill a need or solve a problem and determine which business ideas should be vetted further.

Meeting Three: Vet the Venture
Students conduct research on their top product or service ideas and decide on which idea to move forward on a series of factors.

Meeting Five: Launch the Business!
Business teams report on their tasks and findings to the entire Company and come to a consensus on major decisions as they launch the business and finalize their business plan.

Meetings Six-Eleven: Run the Business
Business teams meet weekly to provide status updates to the entire Company, review priorities, and accomplish tasks to meet Company goals and objectives.

Meeting Twelve: Liquidate the Company
Students conclude remaining company business operations, liquidate the Company, and decide what to do with the profits.

Meeting Thirteen: Create a Personal Action Plan
Students create their own personal action plan using the knowledge and experience gained throughout the program.