A personal finance simulation for grades 6-12

At JA Finance Park, middle and high school students engage in the real-life experience of creating and maintaining a personal budget. They create a lifestyle budget that factors in health care providers, real estate offices, car dealers, home improvement stores, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, stock brokers, and utilities.

JA Finance Park Virtual Simulation

This simulation seamlessly integrates all of the experiences and takeaways from the in-person version of this program and delivers it in easy-to-use platform. Students will engage in the real-life experience of creating and maintaining a personal budget while acting out a life scenario.

JA Finance Park (On-Site Simulation)

At JA Finance Park, students apply personal finance concepts studied in class to a lifelike, simulated business environment.  JA Finance Park represents the storefronts of 14 real, local businesses. Students visit each business at JA Finance Park and utilize the information they receive to act out a life scenario, create their own personal budget, and craft an exciting personal and professional future.

How It Works

JA Finance Park students will:

Complete 8-13 required lessons of in-class training in preparation for their one-day, hands-on experience in JA Finance Park, on-site or virtual.

Build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong personal finance decisions.

Recognize their decisions about education and careers have an impact on their potential income and quality of life.

Explore saving and compare investment options.

Create personal budgets and discover the importance of spending money wisely.

JA Finance Park Locations

Volunteering at JA Finance Park

Join Junior Achievement’s national network of more than 247,340 classroom volunteers who help students in their
communities connect the dots between what they learn in school and the “business of life” — work readiness,
entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Before you volunteer/teach at JA Finance Park, JA staff will provide comprehensive training and share the goals of the onsite experience. You will become familiar with the daily schedule, the work expected of the students, and your role and responsibilities as a volunteer.

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