What This Program Teaches:

Financial Literacy (0%)

Entrepreneurship (100%)

Work-Readiness (50%)

JA Launch Lesson is a point-of-entry program delivered by community entrepreneurs. Students gain firsthand knowledge about starting a business and the entrepreneurial journey.

Materials are downloadable and include a detailed session guide for the entrepreneur and educator. JA Launch Lesson is recommended for high school students and is composed of one session delivered by the volunteer (entrepreneur).

Program Concepts: ℹ️ Program Skills: ℹ️

Program Sessions

Before the Lesson
Students and their teacher prepare for the guest entrepreneur by researching the visiting entrepreneur and his or her company, and preparing questions they would like him or her to answer.

During the Lesson
Students listen to an introduction from the guest speaker (entrepreneur), participate in an ice-breaker activity, learn about the entrepreneur’s company, experiences and the steps to become an entrepreneur, then spend time asking questions and having a discussion with the guest speaker.

After the Lesson
Students and educators are encouraged to take a brief survey to help JA improve on the students’ and educators’ experiences.