JA Take Stock In Your Future Virtual Spring Break Camp
April 6-7, 2021

Are you a high school student interested in learning about the stock market and personal stock investing? We have an opportunity for you!

We’re inviting you to take part in this no-cost, 2-day series of virtual workshops where you will learn about the stock market and trading from finance industry professionals, and gain access to a multi-week app simulation where you can apply you knowledge to the actual stock market!

Camp time commitment:2-4pm both days

The workshop programming is based off of 3 sessions from the JA Take Stock In Your Future program with several additional self-guided resources for deeper learning.

After the workshops, students will get access to a brand new, game-based app providing users with a similar experience to real-world stock trading apps. Starting with $25,000 in virtual funds, students can compete with their classmates to build the largest portfolio. A leaderboard built into the app helps fuel this friendly competition! You will also have the option to meet with investment industry mentor groups for 4 weeks to analyze, strategize, and process how your simulation portfolio is performing to build long-term knowledge and habits around effectively researching market trends and engaging with the stock market.

Sample Investments page from the app
Sample Leaderboard view from the app

If you’re an educator interested in offering this program in your classroom at a time of your own choosing, please contact Statewide Program Director Leah Katzer.