Natalie Vega O’Neil – President & CEO
Rose Bartlett – Chief Financial Officer
Jan O’Connell – Chief of Staff
Barbie Seifert – Chief Advancement Officer
Tammy Neese – Vice President Finance & HR


Sabrina Jones – Accounts Receivable & BCRM Manager
K’Lin Mortimer – Accounts Payable/Accounting Clerk


Nancy Pappas – Statewide Programs Director
Dawn ParsonsJA Finance Park & Experiential Learning Manager
Shari Andrade JA BizTown Manager
Darby Martin – Regional Program Manager, South Puget Sound
Leah Natale – Regional Program Manager, King County
Janet Banaugh – Regional Program Manager, Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho
Barbara Kinmark – Regional Program Manager, Central Washington
Connie Montoya – Regional Program Manager, Southeastern Washington
Carmen Marttila – Regional Program Manager, Northern Washington


Katherine Dick – Senior Director of Grants
Hilary Bhagat – Director of Development
Colleen Hay – Director of Special Events
Amanda Koppes– Development Data Coordinator


Katya Turnbow – Director of Communications

Operations/Regional Staff

Megan Sharp – Director of South Puget Sound & Operations
Tamra Meyer – Director of Central Washington & Southeastern Washington
Nikki Kiger – Operations & Data Coordinator
Joel Morgan – Special Events & Development Coordinator, Southeastern Washington
Katlyn Roney – Special Projects Coordinator, Southeastern Washington
Nikki Hawkins – Events & Bowling Coordinator Registrar
Brenda Spencer – Program Assistant, Southeastern Washington