Share your career journey!

Learning about different career paths and fields of work is an important part of forging a student’s future. Our Virtual JA Career Speaker are volunteers who come from all walks of career life. You can visit a classroom virtually for a live discussion or submit a video. This program help students think about the work they might like to do in the future and what steps they can take now in school to achieve their career goals. 

Program Basics

how it works

Visit a classroom virtually to discuss your career journey. OR -Record on your laptop or phone horizontally and submit a 3-7 minute video of yourself answering career prompts. JA will edit the video and share on our website and social media channels.

time commitment

The virtual classroom visit is 1 hour. If you’re submitting a video, prepping the responses to the questions and recording yourself shouldn’t take more than an hour!


Career Speaker prompts: Introduce yourself and your company. What is your position and job duties? Why did you choose your career? What is the educational pathway you took to enter this field? What motivates you in the work you do? What can students do now to prep for a career in this field?

Example Video: